Annual Season of Consecration 
Daniel Fast (21 Days)

January 9, 2022—January 30, 2022

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, based on Daniel 10:2-3 in the Bible, in which Daniel fasted for three weeks. During the fasting period, only certain foods are eaten. Prayer, meditation and giving the results of the fast to God are also important components of this fast. 

The purpose of the Daniel Fast is to deny the body from eating certain foods as a way of getting closer to God. Increased spiritual awareness, becoming stronger in your faith, and building more spiritual stamina are also the purposes of this fast. It is also noted in Isaiah 58:6 that fasting loosens the bonds of wickedness. Since this fast focuses on eating only foods in their natural state, it cleanses the body from many of the impurities introduced by processed foods.

While on the Daniel Fast, you won't eat any bread, sugar or meat (“Pleasant Food”—Daniel 10:3). Foods containing preservatives and additives, as well as alcohol, are forbidden. Fatty foods, such as butter, and caffeinated foods are also off limits. You will eat primarily fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, sprouts and seeds.